30 Rock`s Katrina Bowden takes a bite out of the survival-horror genre with `Great White`

There is something to the genre of survival-horror films that has the ability to bring about raw fear. Perhaps it is the hint of realism or a strange ability to put you in the shoes of the protagonist that causes the instinct of a survivor in all of us. For an actress, Katrina Bowden evoked a vulnerability in her that stemmed from the fear of the unknown. “There’s something very vulnerable about being in the sea and not knowing what’s under you or around you,” she told Gulf News ahead of the release of her film, which will be screened in the United Arab Emirates on May 13.

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Bowden, who most of us remember as the sweet but ditsy secretary Cerie Xerox of the NBC sitcom ’30 Rock ‘, has come a long way from the comedy that found her fame. Over the years, since the show ended in 2013, the 32-year-old has starred in the Netflix acting thriller ‘Dirty John’, which appeared in the Hallmark Channel novel ‘Love On The Slopes’ and moves into the day. soap with a recurring character on ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’. Amidst this, Bowden dives deep into the shark thriller ‘Great White’, directed by Marty Wilson, where she plays Kaz, a woman stranded with three others and floating aboard a raft in the Great Barrier Reef while she is hunted by killer sharks. Before the release, Bowden talks to us about her new horror thriller, which is being filmed in times of a pandemic and whether Dubai will ever appear in her flight plan when COVID-19 is in bed.