Apple releases updates for iMovie, Final Cut Pro

San Francisco: Apple has released a series of updates to its consumer and professional video editing applications for the Mac to offer a variety of workflow enhancements and new features.

Each update is approximately 2.3 GB and is now available via the App Store.

The most visual change is iMovie, now updated to version 10.2.4. It now adds 16 new wallpapers, a mix of solid and textured images that can be used within videos, AppleInsider reported.

The 2.4GB iMovie 10.2.4 update fixes an issue which means that the Mac app can now import videos from iMovie 2.3 for iOS.

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Apple just said that the 2.3 GB Motion 5.5.2 update includes ‘stability improvements’. It appears from the first user reports to address issues with rendering issues on M1 Macs.

Final Cut Pro 10.5.3 is the biggest update with 3.1 GB, and adds stability enhancements plus a handful of new features. It is now possible to create and edit column views, and there are improved options for sorting sections.

The updated Final Cut Pro also expands on ways to search for media in the browser, using notes, track names and markers.

Then Compressor is updated to version 4.5.3, again with stability improvements. Apple’s encryption app now also has notifications for progressing encryption groups, plus new built-in audio descriptions.