ERC mobile clinics benefit 1,140 people in Hadramaut

Hadramaut, August 25, 2020 — The number of beneficiaries in the second week of the Emirates Red Crescent mobile hospital project, ERC, in Al Ais, Hadramaut Governorate, where the nearest hospital is 100 kilometers away, was 1,140.

The ERC’s mobile clinic project, which is part of the UAE’s humanitarian, relief and health efforts in Yemen, supports needy and poor families, especially those residing in remote areas lacking hospitals and health centers.

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The clinics offer basic medical care, monitor the health of mothers and children and offer free medicines for common diseases such as fever, cough, flu, various injuries and burns.

The beneficiaries thanked the UAE and its humanitarian arm, the ERC, and stressed that the regular presence of mobile clinics had alleviated their suffering.