India will enter the fourth stage of unlocking on the first of September

From Krishnan Nayar, New Delhi, August 29, 2020 – The central government of India tonight has banned state governments from arbitrarily imposing domestic lockdowns without New Delhi’s consent.

However, the governments of the countries will be free to impose lockdowns in their territories that have high rates of COVID-19 infection and which have been designated as containment areas.

Several states in recent weeks have imposed lockdowns on entire cities within their jurisdictions or ordered activities to close over the weekends. It will no longer be permitted without prior consultation and approval with the central government.

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The decision is part of the new guidelines tonight issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs here to unlock Phase 4, which will take effect from September 1. Urban metro services will be allowed to resume operations from September 7 under the new guidelines.

Sports, social and religious events are allowed with a maximum of 100 people starting September 21. Schools and institutions of higher education will continue to be closed until September 30.

Outdoor theaters are permitted to open from September 21. However, cinemas, swimming pools, theme parks and closed theaters will not reopen until the end of next month. Regular international commercial flights will not be resumed for the time being.