The Dubai restaurant launches a quiz night with a friendly theme

The North American restaurant, Weslodge, is celebrating the reunion of one of the world’s most beloved TV shows with Friends Reunited in Weslodge Saloon this month. The interactive evening begins on June 22 and features a high-octane quiz full of trivia for the loyal friends fans and even drinks and dishes inspired by the years-long hit program.

Friends reunited by Ross and Rachel’s on-off relationship with Joey’s love of trivia, Monica’s compulsive clean-up to Chandler’s work that no one can remember will allow Dubai fans to revel in the worldwide excitement of the recent reunion and all their favorite pieces from the ten seasons. Who can remember the celebrity comedians? What songs did Phoebe perform at Central Perk? How many times does Ross shout “PIVOT!” or Joey says, “How are you?” This is the chance to dive deep into Friends fandom while indulging in delicious dishes created especially for the occasion.

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Each table is designed for maximum interaction and receives a team flag and bell while enjoying a welcome drink from ‘Gunther’s Special Cocktail Selection’. Between three delicious courses Questions and tasks with questions with a focus on Friends theme will be fired quickly and quickly by an expert MC; before the big unveiling to the dessert. The lucky winners and champion team receive a free brunch at Weslodge Saloon and are crowned as the best Friends geeks of the week.

The three-course Friends reunited menu celebrates golden moments and characters and is as delicious as it is nostalgic. Featuring main courses from Weslodge Saloons’ very popular hamburger menu, as well as exclusive dishes to choose from, the ‘Perversed Salad’, ‘Ross’s Thanksgiving Leftovers’, a spin on Weslodge’s fried chicken, Phoebe’s Grandma’s Cookie and Chandler and Rachel’s Floor Cheesecake – all created by executive chef Juan Pablo Ray Nores, a veteran in the industry with 23 years of culinary skills among his chef whites.

Weslodge’s Friends Reunited Dinner takes place on June 22 and costs Dh220 per person. This includes a three-course meal and one drink per person.