UAE chairs meeting with ITU board members

Dubai: The UAE, represented by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), chaired the virtual consultation session of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) board members, which began on June 9 and lasts four days.

The session discusses the key measures that the ITU must take to ensure the continuity of work until the next meeting of the Council is held at the ITU headquarters in Geneva.

Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, executive director of the Department of Technology Development at TRA, chair of the virtual session of the ITU consultation of councilors, said: “The importance of this session stems from its timing as it coincides with the unprecedented challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic. , which puts the world and organizations in a critical position in terms of the continuity of their work.

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Global organization

“The ITU is a global organization that depends on the participation of the Member States in their affairs and has been affected by the pandemic due to the inability of its members to attend the scheduled events, hence the importance of this virtual meeting, which it enable to deal with important matters that cannot be postponed for the continuity of the ITU work. ”

The UAE is a member of the ITU Council and actively contributes to its work by being elected to a number of ITU Councils and Committees. The UAE has hosted many international meetings of the ITU since 2007.

Regulatory Board

The UAE joined the ITU Council in 2006, which includes 48 countries, including 7 Arab countries. Countries are nominated for membership of the ITU Council during the delegated conference, which is held once every four years, during which the door is opened for nominations for membership of the Council, in addition to the five leadership positions in the ITU and the nomination of members. of the Radio Regulatory Board.