Bayat Review: Can this Indian and Pakistani couple secure a future for their son?

We have all heard of it and perhaps read such stories in the news – couples flying to the US and Canada to give birth in an effort to secure a new nationality for their child. This week’s episode of ‘Bayat: A Solemn Promise’ introduces us to such a couple, Vikram and Zareena, who made a similar decision for their son and are now paying the price as they desperately watch the migration to a new land. Their situation is unique. Zareena is a Pakistani, while Vikram is an Indian. Because they were not sure how things would play out politically for their son, and in an effort to secure his future, they made the mistake of obtaining a birth nationality in Canada through government authorities. Years later, the move cost them a chance to immigrate to Canada. What works in their favor is that they are financially stable and run their own architectural firm in Dubai. To this end, they have arranged a meeting with Bayat Legal Services for a pro bono consultation on how they can address their unique situation.

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During this meeting, they learn about a third avenue that can be perfect for them – to invest in a nationality and give them time to finish their lives in Dubai. The reality of the situation of Zareena and Vikram will not be lost on families and individuals who are about to take a bold new step by starting anew in a new country with hopes and dreams in their eyes . Whether the cross-border love story finds a happy ending or not, the idea of ​​a new country to call home is one that many hopefuls like Vikram and Zareena can come on board.