Boxing: Floyd Mayweather wants to entertain a crazy payday against Logan Paul

DUBAI: Floyd Mayweather has unprecedented wealth, private jets, yachts and mansions, but the desire to entertain remains. The 44-year-old, undefeated former world welterweight champion is preparing to return next month with a fight against Logan Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6. Mayweather theoretically does not have to put on gloves again after a boxing career that, according to one estimate, earned more than $ 1 billion. But he told reporters he was not happy to sit back and let his retirement years go by. The prospect of a lucrative payday against Paul – a 26-year-old novice who has only fought twice, both against a co-celebrity on YouTube – was irresistible. Details for the fight remain secret. It is not yet known in how many rounds the match will be offered or what gloves the Paul and Mayweather will use. Mayweather sees the opportunity as an opportunity to make ‘crazy’ money, even though his claims to a potential nine-man wallet are clearly imaginative. “I’m retired from boxing,” Mayweather said. ‘My record is 50-0. But I just want to have fun and make nine figures. I think I’m a smart businessman. There are many champions who have a legacy but have no money. It’s great that I can go there to make a crazy payday. ‘I think people think retirement is just at home, kicking your feet and gaining weight. ‘No, that’s not what I want to do. I want to have fun, travel the world full and just enjoy life. People want to be entertained. All people have talked about is COVID and vaccinations. Let’s return to entertain the people and have fun. ”

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The irony did not lose the American fighter as Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, the Mexican superstar whose only defeat against the man came in 2013 known as ‘Money’, prepared the weekend before his fight in front of an estimated crowd of 70,000. in Arlington, Texas, all the headlines are gripped by chaotic scenes in Miami in which Mayweather clashes with Logan Paul and brother Jake. Mayweather, retired or not, remains box office material. “He was 23 and I was 36 when we fought,” Mayweather of Alvarez said. “Look at me when I was 23.” I was a monster. No fighter in history could have beaten me. No one could hit me at any age. ‘I had my time, but out of all the great fighters, who beat more world champions than anyone in 50 fights? They talk about attending Canelo’s fight. But with 17,000 people at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I generated $ 73 million in two minutes when my tickets sold out. ‘You can talk about Sugar Ray Robinson or this guy did it, or he did it. No one did it like Floyd Mayweather. I retired before 40 and earned a billion dollars with a real estate portfolio out of this world. All I do is just sit back and lead the life I live. I do not have to do an exhibition. ” Logan Paul was clumsy during the media event to advance the fight, claiming a monumental upheaval is at stake. However, Mayweather was not shocked. ‘It’s a struggle for him, but for me? It’s like waking up, taking a shower and putting on my clothes, ”he smiles. “It’s just another day.”