Boxing in the UAE: Manberg Thor Bjornsson admits climbing his own mountain after Dubai attack

There was a huge show in the city when Thor Bjornsson was in Dubai on Friday to tackle the Commonwealth heavyweight champion, Simon Vallily, in the shadow of the Conrad Hotel as the World Trade Center in 2010. The Icelandic man mountain and the world’s strongest man of 2018 tilted the scales 80 kg heavier than his opponent, while he was moving trucks and wood to the boxing ring – something he takes very seriously, despite the great challenges he faces in facing. “I gave my life to boxing,” Bjornsson said after his four-hour training session with Vallily, the highlight of an eight-fight map in Dubai. “I exercise three times a day. I have great respect for this sport, and it’s just to see how difficult this sport is. ” Bjornsson, who played Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in the HBO TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, will face rival and fellow strongman Eddie Hall of England in Nevada in September, who’s The Heaviest Boxing Match in History ‘. with the two giants and public enemies ready to clear up their differences in the ring. Although it is an exhibition, no love was lost between Bjornsson and Vallily on Friday, as they had a few verbal words after the Icelander clearly injured the Yorkshireman with a tear to the right cheek. Bjornsson, 6ft 9ins, had Vallily on the canvas in the first round, but the referee considered it a slip. Vallily comes back roaring and has Bjornsson in the third on the deck after a cartilage in his face.

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They were all friends again after the last bell rang, but Bjornsson – never too steady on his feet with a whopping 152 kg (335 pounds) – knows he will have to maintain his strict regime before the big fight in September against Hall . Bjornsson had one last message for Hall: “Eddie, I’m coming to knock you out.” Earlier on the map, Stephane Fondjo of Cameroon proved he is one to look to for the future as he completely outscored Jeyhun Bashirzade of Azerbaijan with a second round TKO in their super-middleweight clash. “I won a few titles in my time, but it’s another big win and a big step,” Fondjo told Gulf News. ‘I have now won four fights out of four in my pro career, and I am confident that I will soon become a world champion. Baby pedaling, working hard and hitting the gym every day is my plan. I work for myself, work for my life and work for my family and I will soon be world champion soon. ” The Dutchman Anthony De Bruijn, in Dubai, was also impressive when he claimed the vacant UBO intercontinental lightweight title when he reached a unanimous decision on Emmanuel Noi Mensah from Ghana.