Can `Fast and Furious 9` Save the Summer from Hollywood Movies?

After a year of entertainment coming to a halt due to the pandemic, Vin Diesel and Universal Pictures should be commended for their brave effort to bring their multi-million dollar franchise to cinemas this week. ‘Fast and Furious 9’, or ‘F9’ as we know it, will accelerate to a theatrical release in the United Arab Emirates on May 20, with a worldwide launch. While ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ may get the honor of being the first film to receive a bumper opening this year, despite a pandemic raging outside the doors of the cinema, it is ‘F9’ that will set the course for more production houses to free up the parking space brake on their respective projects that could save the Hollywood summer from big movies very well. ‘F9’ has been delayed by a year, and although COVID-19 has not yet been put to bed, the ease of restrictions in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the US has given Hollywood hope. Diesel itself doubles the fans returning to cinemas by inviting them in a special video and urging them to return to relive the magic of movies on the big screen. “We expect a bumper opening for ‘Fast 9′, it will be big,” said the United Arab Emirates’ distributor. ” Fast 7 ‘was the biggest in the franchise for UAE audiences, but it has the potential to be just as big.’

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The ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise was a money-spinner for Universal, with the first eight films in the series earning more than $ 5.136 billion (Dh18.8 billion) worldwide, according to numbers collector Box Office Mojo. This goes hand in hand with the $ 760 million made by the ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ expanse, and it’s natural that Universal will once again make a comeback in shiny new supercars that they would like to use – and inflate – with unbridled joy. Diesel, Dominic Torreto, has come a long way from being the racer-racer in the first film working with a secret police officer (played by the late Paul Walker) to take down crime bosses. The man went into hiding, mourns the loss of his love Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), celebrated her resurrection, ended up in a Brazilian prison, lived as a fugitive and acted against the terrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron). A furry crew member he calls family is with him on the adventure of blowing up cars and racing into deaths. In the ninth adventure, he is confronted by his own brother, the black sheep Jakob Torreto, played by John Cena. Cipher is also a return. What makes ‘F9’ a safer bet than its predecessors is the return of director Justin Lin, who is admitted to reviving the franchise after the first few films with fans dropped out. Whether the Universal and Diesel bet pays off, even though we are the ninth film in the series and the 10th in the overall franchise if we count ‘Hobbs & Shaw’, we look back at the first eight films, along with the spin -off, which sent the course to lead to this action-adventure.