Capital Plastic Factory promotes an environmentally conscious business model at KIZAD

Why did CPF decide to set up the base at Kizad, when the factory in Polymers Park was set up? What are the challenges you faced?

Abdulla Saeed Aljaberi: The decision was made to set up a factory in Kizad due to the easy documentation process offered by the company, as well as the availability of infrastructure, electricity capacity that meets our needs, easy access to all the interconnected highways and the proximity to Khalifa Sea . Port, which is a great advantage for a manufacturing company like us. The decision was further strengthened when we saw the possibility of acquiring open ground facilities for our second expansion phase which includes the construction of our own factory complex. We believe we can use the above facilities to accelerate our company’s growth and make it the best manufacturing unit where we will manufacture high quality products at competitive prices and satisfy the needs of our valued customers to the best satisfaction.

Please share information about the company and CPF’s product portfolio, as well as the industries to which it adheres.

Dr Salem Saeed Aljaberi: Our company is located in warehouse C-17 in Kizad’s Polymers Park. To the best of my knowledge and knowledge, CPF is the first company in Abu Dhabi to manufacture plastic containers for industrial purposes. Our main activities include the manufacture of injection molded plastic products, which are specialized plastic containers for the paint and other construction industries, as well as cosmetic packaging products. Our goal is to support the packaging industry in the UAE and other GCC countries. Our main customer core includes paint manufacturers as well as players from the adhesive industry, manufacturing chemicals, oil and grease manufacturers as well as value customers from the cosmetics sector.

What are the benefits that Polymers Park entities like CPF offer in running a successful business?

Dr Salem: In hindsight, I believe the choice to be a part of Polymers Park was an excellent choice we made, as we have since received massive support from the Kizad government and still enjoy it when we need it. The Kizad team is also very proactive in keeping its partners abreast of information on innovation in our manufacturing field through the regular newsletter.

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How can KIZAD improve its value proposition to customers?

Abdulla: As all new companies did, CPF found it difficult to start a new business and a daily struggle to obtain credit facilities from raw material suppliers. In this regard, it will be an excellent step, and it will get the right time if Kizad can help SMEs during their first days and facilitate this credit facility from the same raw material suppliers. It will be a source of support for manufacturers like us and help Kizad build long-term goodwill with their value partners, while the companies they are committed to are long-term, and reverse to become credible brands and allow Kizad to share be of their success story.

What is possible in the future for CPF at KIZAD, share your expansion plans in the free zone and here in the UAE.

Abdulla: We currently operate our factory with warehouse facilities and look forward to the second phase expansion, with our own building and more advanced machinery showcasing the latest sector-specific technology. As we are in the plastics industry, we are aware of the pros and cons that the sector brings to the table, and we are committed to protecting our environment as we share the vision of our father of the nation, Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, wants to keep alive. . First, by our commitment to offering the latest technology and using it wisely, CPF can reduce the consumption of plastics by reducing our product weight while maintaining our customer commitment by offering a quality product every time. Our goal and goal is to always be the first and best in the packaging and packaging industry here in the UAE. Taking into account the current scenario of globalization based on our advanced studies and market information and understanding the requirements of the global market, our future plans include global expansion and reaching the maximum possible customer base with all the support that the UAE government also like entities like Kizad can provide us.