`Cruella` continues in early development at Disney

Like it or not, Cruella de Vil is here to stay. Before ‘Cruella’ – the live-action origin story of the villain of ‘101 Dalmatians’, even left the cinemas, Disney was already in an early development, with director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara, who would both return, The Hollywood Reporter reported. It has yet to be confirmed whether Emma Stone will repeat her lead role as Cruella. “Cruella”, which opened in theaters on May 28 (May 27 in the United Arab Emirates) and on Disney Plus via Premiere Access, earned $ 32.4 million (Dh118.99 million) and $ 48.5 million worldwide .

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“We are very pleased with the success of ‘Cruella’ at the box office, coupled with the strong performance of Disney Plus Premier Access to date,” a Disney spokesman said in a statement. ‘The film was incredibly well received by audiences around the world, with a 97% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, in addition to A’s in every demographic of CinemaScore during the opening weekend, which it considers one of the most popular of our live new ideas. We’re looking forward to a long term because the audience is still enjoying this fantastic film. ”