`Deadpool` star Ryan Reynolds admits his daughters for helping him talk about his mental health battle

Ryan Reynolds may be known for his wicked sense of humor that regularly spills over to his social media, but the actor has also admitted that he has a lifelong struggle with anxiety, which he can now talk about openly thanks to three daughters. Last month, the ‘Deadpool’ star took to his Instagram account to honor Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing his own pain and struggles over the years. In a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the 44-year-old star said that his three daughters – James, 6, Inez (4) and Betty (1), who he shares with his wife and co-actor Blake Lively, inspired him . speak out. ” Part of it is that I have three daughters at home, and part of my job as a parent is to model behavior and model what it’s like to be sad and model what it’s like to be anxious or angry. to be. That there is room for all this, ”Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight. ‘The house I grew up in was not really for me. And that does not mean that my parents were negligent, but that they come from another generation. ” He continues: ” Part of it is to desigmatize things and create a conversation [mental health]. I know that when I felt absolutely down, it was mostly because I felt like I was alone in something I felt. So I guess when people talk about it, I do not necessarily have to stop or complain about it, but I think it’s important to talk about it. And when you talk about it, it sets other people free. ‘

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In his post on Instagram, Reynolds admitted that he spoke out at the end of the month, but explained why he was late in voicing his own problems. “One of the reasons I put it this way is that I overschedule myself and that important things slip,” he wrote. “And one of the reasons I plan too much for myself is my lifelong friend, anxiety.” “I know I’m not alone, and more importantly, for everyone like me who is planning too much, thinking too much, worrying too much, and all too much knowing that you are not alone,” the actor continued. “We do not talk enough about mental health and do not do enough to talk about it.” “But as with this message, better than never later, I hope …” Reynolds added. His message received a comment from actor Hugh Jackman, with whom Reynolds has been involved in a friendly feud over the years. ‘Mate – your honesty is not only brave, but I’m positive and will help many others who are also struggling with anxiety. Good for you! ”Jackman wrote. Reynolds, meanwhile, is preparing for his next film, ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’, which hits theaters in the UAE on June 16.