Dubai Customs showcases leading initiatives to support Expo 2020 Dubai

DUBAI, 14th June, 2021 — Dubai Customs has showcased its leading smart initiatives during its participation in the Liaison Officer meeting for securing Expo 2020 Dubai. During the event, organised by Dubai Police in cooperation with strategic local partners, the team from Dubai Customs delivered a presentation on the world-class services it will provide to exhibitors and visitors at the grand event. The department has launched 24 creative initiatives to facilitate Customs procedures and enrich participants’ experience.

EMIRATI TODAY - Emirati News, the UAE Daily News

Saeed Mustafawi, Head of the new data section at Customs Declaration Department and the coordinator between Dubai Customs and Expo 2020 Dubai Office, said that Dubai Customs has completed implementing all of its Expo 2020 Dubai initiatives and achieved full integration with government partners. The Expo’s official clearance system has been endorsed as the Authorised Economic Operator for the event, which the world awaits in October 2021. Mustafawi added, “Among the leading initiatives by Dubai Customs for Expo 2020 Dubai is the dedicated Smart Customs channel that will expedite the procedures for the global event’s exhibitors. The initiative uses smart and advanced clearance systems, including the Smart Risk engine, the Smart iDeclare application, and the integrated business channel, among others. “Dubai Customs has also embarked on developing procedures to keep abreast with the expansions taking place at Al Maktoum Airport to expedite shipment and passenger traffic. The airport was equipped with 13 new advanced scanning systems and manned with qualified personnel to ensure readiness for Expo 2020.”