Eid in Dubai: the power couple Mina Liccione and Ali Al Sayed will entertain at Dubai Comedy Festival

Mina Liccione and Ali Al Sayed can be considered the comedy power couple of Dubai, after founding the comedy institute Dubomedy and being recurring artists for the annual Dubai Comedy Festival starting on May 13, in time for Eid celebrations. However, when they started entertaining people in the UAE in 2008, the scene was completely different from what it is today. Speaking to Gulf News in 2012, Liccione said: ‘Four years ago, people were afraid to give us a concert thinking that our humor would not be clean and that it could be a sham satire, so it did it took us 13 months to get the venue for our first show. But we have come a long way since then. For the first performing arts festival in 2010, we got about 200 artists and it has grown ever since. ”

EMIRATI TODAY - Emirati News, the UAE Daily News

Oh, how things have grown! This year’s Dubai Comedy Festival, presented by Dubai Calendar and produced by BRAG, Live Nation and Dxb Live, will see more than ten days of performances by personalities such as French-Moroccan star Gad Elmaleh, Iranian-American actor and comedian Maz Jobrani and the Hollywood actor Eddie. Griffin. So what was it like preparing to make the city laugh while in the midst of a global pandemic? Liccione and Al Sayed talk to Gulf News about their inspiration and what fans can expect from their shows. Mina Liccione, from New York, will perform her show ‘Growing Up Ringside’ on May 20 at The Theater at Mall of the Emirates.