Els Club Dubai to eliminate all disposable plastic

After Earth Day 2021, drinking water filtration systems provided by No More Bottles were installed at the Els Club Dubai, which includes the main golf club house, Country Club, Golf Academy and the back of the home areas. As a result of these new dispensers, the 10 water stations on the track are also replenished from the filtration systems. The Els Club, which is part of the Dubai Sports City Group, has decided to support this initiative by removing all plastic water bottles for single use from the golf course. Alternatively, to encourage the removal of plastic, the club has provided double-walled, high-quality stainless steel reusable bottles for all its members and staff. “In the last twelve months, The Els Club has issued more than 90,000 plastic bottles of 500 ml disposable plastic bottles of water to golf guests, which takes hundreds of years to shower,” said Thomas Rourke, general manager of The Els Club. . ‘We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and take small steps to reduce the large amount of waste generated by each individual. We encourage our golf guests to bring their own reusable bottle or opt for our environmentally friendly reusable double-walled stainless steel bottle as we still provide high quality filtered drinking water. ”

EMIRATI TODAY - Emirati News, the UAE Daily News

The team is managed by the largest golf management company in the world, Troon Golf, and has always focused on initiatives that can support the environment and sustainability. This step follows according to many other Troon International properties in the region. Andrea Faldella, operations manager at The Els Club, added ” ‘As plastic waste and pollution increase, we must all make a concerted effort to do our part. At The Els Club and at Troon Golf, sustainability is a key pillar of our values ​​and our partnership with No More Bottles is a major milestone in removing more than 90,000 disposable plastic bottles from the golf course. ” Ian Hannah, director of No More Bottles, said: ‘To work with organizations such as The Els Club, Dubai Sports City Group and Troon Golf, who see the benefit and are willing to be the drivers of change within the local community be with the support of sustainability, and the local ecosystem was a pleasure. We at No More Bottles do not consider ourselves a ‘supplier’, we are partners who all play our small role in the bigger picture. ‘