Floyd Mayweather dissatisfied by critics ahead of fight against Logan Paul

Miami: Floyd Mayweather invited ridicule before his latest return to the boxing ring, but the undefeated American could not care less. The dubious prospect of Mayweather, the 44-year-old former world welterweight champion who retired with an impeccable 50-0 record and tackled a 26-year-old internet star with just twice his name, was greeted with contempt in ‘ a big part of the sports world. Sunday’s bizarre exhibition battle against Logan Paul, without judges, is up for eight rounds at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Promoters hope the event will generate pay-per-view sales in the range of two million, providing a lucrative payday for its protagonists. Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul has reportedly watched 1.3 million times and earned about $ 75 million for his fight against mixed martial arts artist Ben Askren in April. opponent. Mayweather, meanwhile, is aware of his first foray into the ring since another exhibition fight in Japan on New Year’s Eve in 2018, which ended in the opening round, left the boxing purists cold. However, the American removes the criticism from those who believe he is harassing his legacy and the sport.

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Just here to entertain

“I’m not really worried about the (pay-per-view) numbers,” Mayweather told AFP on Thursday. ‘I’m just here to have fun and entertain. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I live for Floyd Mayweather and choose what I want to do. If I want to go out, enjoy it and earn $ 50, $ 60, $ 70, $ 100 million, let me do it. I bother. nobody.I’m not robbing or killing, I’m doing what I want to do. “I retired, but I did not retire to entertain and earn money.” Mayweather broke the mold in 2017 when he retired to beat UFC star Conor McGregor during a money-spinning crossover rally in Las Vegas, prompting the recent trend of boxers to out-of-sport opponents to seek. The Paul brothers have both attracted a lot of attention over the past few years for their respective matches – Jake is 3-0 while Logan’s record is 0-1-1 – promoters and fighters who want to make extra money have become creative. “We’ve always thought outside the box,” Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe told AFP. “Floyd has beaten more world champions than anyone else, but the stubborn fans will never give him the honor he deserves. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that’s fine. Floyd will live his life the way he wants.”