From `365 Days` to Bollywood: Is Netflix star Michele Morrone in talks to appear in a Karan Johar movie?

Michele Morrone, who became an overnight sensation after starring in the Netflix movie ‘365 Days’, could make his Bollywood debut in the near future, if it is to be believed. Morrone, who became famous after starring as Don Massimo in ‘365 Days’, played the head of the Sicilian mafia who kidnapped a Polish woman and gave her a year to live on to fall in love with him. to play in a Bollywood feature or a web series. According to a report in Times of India, Morrone was approached by the Bollywood filmmaker’s team after the actor expressed his interest in starring in an Indian project. ‘Michelle Morrone was all that anyone talked about in 2020. Karan Johar took Michele and his team into consideration due to his popularity in the country. He’s in talks to sign Michele for a Bollywood movie or as part of Dharmatic Entertainment, the digital wing of his production house, ” a source told the Indian.

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The Italian hunk said earlier in several interviews that he would be open to Bollywood if a “beautiful” text came his way. Morrone, who was in Dubai in July last year, told Gulf News at the time how he stopped acting in 2019 and worked as a gardener when the call to play in ‘365 days’ permeated. ‘… I used to work as a gardener in the north of Italy. My life changed completely in one year, just like that. I stopped acting for personal problems for two years. After my divorce from my wife, I had so many personal problems, and I decided that the way of art was not my way, so I stopped it. “I started getting small jobs. I worked as a waiter, I used to work in a company that used to build parquet (floors), but I was fired because I was not very good at it. [laughs]. But I was very good with trees and stuff because it was easy to cut it down to make a heart. Then I started working in the company, in the north of Italy, in a place called Durazzano. I worked there for six months and a half, seven months until I got an offer from Netflix. ‘