Harwal Group builds new polymer facilities in Kizad

Harwal Group is pleased to partner with Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) to build its manufacturing facilities at Kizad Polymers Park. The facilities are for its flagship companies: Interplast and Cosmoplast, to manufacture and supply a wide range of standard plastic products, and customized products for specific industries. “Kizad Polymers Park is an important platform to improve our business in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, while enabling us to expand our reach to the African and European markets. The efficiency of the supply chain, strategic location, competitive compilation solutions and world-class facilities offered by Kizad will position Interplast and Cosmoplast to support Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 and industrial diversification in the United Arab Emirates, ”said Walid Najjar, General Manager , Interplast / Cosmoplast. Cosmoplast, founded in 1971, is the most diversified manufacturer of plastic products for consumers and the largest producer of thermoplastic pipes in the GCC. Its famous household and outdoor plastic products, refrigerators and coolers, plastic disposable tableware, aluminum foils, adhesive plastics and hygienic packaging products are sold in thousands of stores in more than 65 countries worldwide. In addition, the company offers plastic molding solutions for various industrial sectors. Cosmoplast also provides the building and infrastructure with its diverse range of PP-R, PE-X and CPVC pipes and fittings, in addition to uPVC well covers, uPVC and PE drainage and pressure pipes. Founded in 1981, Lnterplast manufactures flexible packaging solutions, luxury plastic and paper shopping bags and thermoformed products under the Decopack and Decoform brands. Interplast’s range of ALUPEX fire class ACP panels, and the Duramax range of PVC storage and fencing systems are sold worldwide.

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The company also develops PVC compounds, masterbatches for various applications and manufactures a range of uPVC and PE electrical products under the brands Decoduct, Intergard and Edison. Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, combining innovation and excellence. The group was founded in 1938 and has more than 6,000 employees worldwide and 28 different business units. Harwal Group is headquartered in the UAE and has full manufacturing facilities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and the USA. With a combined area of ​​310 000 m² for Interplast and Comoplast facilities in the Kizad Polymers Park, Harwal Group intends to increase its existing annual conversion of more than 200 000 tons of polymers. We started construction and plan to expand over time as we realize the potential to cater for different polymer segments such as packaging, construction, household goods, agriculture and hygiene products. The latest facilities will contribute to the growth of Kizad’s Polymers Park, where polymer converters can manufacture their products faster, more cost-effectively and sustainably, ”Najjar added. In addition to its involvement in local and regional markets, Harwal Group plans to partner with Kizad Polymers Park to provide meaningful market awareness and showcase advanced products and materials solutions. The Group intends to create new jobs and further expand its existing plastics recycling operations, contributing to a new approach to circular economy in the UAE.