Indian media highlights Barakah start-up

By Krishnan Nayar New Delhi, August 2, 2020 — India’s media reported extensively this morning on the commissioning of the UAE’s first nuclear reactor, the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. Print, television, news websites and other media streams highlighted Barakah’s unique place as the Arab world’s first nuclear power plant. “The Hindu” newspaper noted that the announcement of the commissioning of the reactor, “At the same time as the Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha, comes hot on the heels of the UAE launch of the Arab world’s first probe to Mars.” “The New Indian Express” newspaper carried the story with the headline: “UAE launches Arab world’s first nuclear power plant,

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“While”The economy :”UAE begins operations in its first nuclear power plant.” , the Permanent Representative of the UAE to the International Atomic Energy Agency( IAEA, in Vienna. “This is a historic milestone for the nation with a vision to deliver a new form of clean energy for the nation.” The newspaper also carried a collage of photos that made the occasion. India TV and Republic TV were among the broadcasters that covered the historic occasion and a statement by Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, ENEC, emphasized that “we are now one step closer to our goal of meeting up to a quarter of our nation’s electricity needs and providing security for its future growth. reliable and emission-free electricity.”