KIZAD a brilliant business proposal for Al Dewan Pack

When will Al Dewan Pack decide to set up its distribution center in Polymers Park in Kizad? How easy was it to set up your distribution center?

Al Dewan Pack has been working at the Mina Zayed Free Harbor since 2006. Our goal was to increase our investment in this business and to grow in parallel with the economy of the UAE. One of our priorities was to find the right location as well as the necessary facilities to achieve the business goal for the coming future. In 2016, we were contacted by Kizad’s sales and marketing department, who offered us the opportunity to move to Polymers Park. Mentioning all the benefits and advantages that such a move could help, Kizad informed us about the many exemptions from government money, as well as assistance in the form of an excellent logistics network at the company’s disposal. Believing that this would be the right step in our effort to expand our horizon, we consequently made the decision to move to Kizad. I’m glad to note that we’ve managed to find everything we’ve been looking for here at Polymers Park.

Please share information about the types of products that Al Dewan Pack obtains and distributes from around the world.

Al Dewan Pack deals with everything related to disposable items, which is currently more than 2,200 types of product. We import these products from various sources, based in more than ten countries around the world, including the GCC. We also obtain some of our products from the UAE. Our products are very essential and are used by almost everyone in today’s world. We distribute these products to various institutions, which include government departments, hospitals, catering establishments, labor camps, restaurants, hotels and more. Many of our products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. With the rapid spread of COVID-19 these days, a large variety of disposable items is very popular. This includes the gloves, masks and many more.

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How have the Polymers Park entities like Al Dewan Pack helped expand their operations?

The Polymers Park at Kizad has helped us grow our business in many ways over the past few years. Kizad was not only responsible for setting up excellent logistical access to road and sea transport, but the entity also assisted companies like us by offering the exemptions to fees we received, the installments in due payments, and providing facilities adapt and care to meet our requirements and needs. The smooth collaboration between the port authorities and the Kizad team when we import our products from companies operating in the Polymers Park has helped the business to expand without interruption.

What are the challenges Al Dewan Pack faced during the construction of their base at Polymers Park? How can Kizad add value to its current client offering at the Park?

Kizad as an entity is well developed and offers an attractive proposition for businesses to operate from. In the beginning, the main challenge was the location of the Polymers Park from Abu Dhabi, where most of our customers are located. And the second challenge was related to the infrastructure, such as the telephone and Internet connections, that were installed, since we were one of the first to build the base in the Park. Continuous help and the careful follow-up of the Kizad team, however, helped us overcome all these obstacles. The upgraded roads and the highways and bridges in the area allowed us to quickly reach our customers and open doors for us to customers in Dubai and other emirates, as the location of Polymers Park was very critical. As I mentioned earlier, the Kizad area is well developed and very attractive for business.

Are there any expansion plans for Al Dewan Pack at Polymers Park soon?

The future of business in the UAE looks bright and our business area revolves mainly around the food verticals. The business is growing very fast, not to mention the other areas like the health sector, and the UAE population is growing gradually. Consequently, we look forward to Al Dewan Pack expanding our operations in the near future, and with the facilities and continuous improvement offered by the authorities of Abu Dhabi and Kizad, including the Polymers Park team, I think it will happen faster. than expected.