Months after UAE recording, Tom Cruise talks about filming `Mission: Impossible 7` during the COVID 19 pandemic

No mission was impossible for Tom Cruise and his film crew as they continued during the pandemic with the recordings, which brought their production to Abu Dhabi, while it was a benchmark for Hollywood to reopen for business. Cruise spoke for the first time about filming amid COVID-19 and told Empire Magazine how terrifying the experience was with seven days of filming and setting up protocols for others to follow. “I made 30 to 40 films. “I am responsible for thousands, if not tens of thousands of jobs,” Cruise told Empire. All my friends in the industry, people in distribution, and my crew were like, ‘What are we going to do? I could lose my house! “That’s why I told the studio and told the industry, ‘We’re going back. We’re all going to get back to work. We’re going to start shooting in the summer. And we’re going to find out how to do it safely ‘. ” “We had to set up protocols with studios and insurance companies and work on laws in each country,” Cruise said as his team worked in compelling locations, including Abu Dhabi, Norway and Italy, to allow filming to continue while travel was limited. . ‘To assure them how we are going to film in the country. There were times when people said, ‘This is not going to happen.’ And I just kept saying, ‘It’s happening.’ ‘ In December, the British tabloid The Sun released a sound of Cruise hitting crew members, who apparently could not keep a safe distance as they set up a computer on the London set of the latest ‘Mission: Impossible’. film contracted. “I’m going beyond your excuse,” Cruise barked in the track. ‘We do not close it [expletive] film of. Is this understood? When I see it again, you are [expletive] away. ” While Cruise did not speak in the interview about the incident, he did talk about how difficult things got. “It was seven days a week, it was 24 hours a day, just to deal with very high emotions with people and help them through it,” Cruise said.

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Life on the set includes social distance, bubbles of crew, filming a scene and then returning to the hotel until needed and more. Empire also released some photos featuring Cruise, one of which he rides with a train, while another shows him how he performs on a dirt bike. Cruise’s film unit landed in the UAE capital in January, with director Christopher McQuarrie posting a series of images from Rub Al Khali or The Empty Quarter in Abu Dhabi, along with the city skyline in fog. He finally posted a message after the crew ended the shooting in February and thanked Abu Dhabi for facilitating the project. “Of the many challenges we have faced on our journey, none will be greater than the gifts that Abu Dhabi has given us,” McQuarrie wrote on Instagram. ‘On behalf of our entire cast and crew, sincere and sincere thanks to the Government of Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Mohamed Al Mubarak, the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, two four54, Etihad Airways and CEO Tony Douglas, ADAC and CEO Shareef Al Hashmi, HM- ambassador to the UAE Patrick Moody, the U.S. Marine Corps and all of our incredible military personnel. And of course, thanks to our extraordinary local cast, crew members and the very fine people of Abu Dhabi. We will sincerely miss you until we see you again. ‘ He ends the note-hut brand ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ and ‘8’, which indicates that scenes from the next episode were also filmed in Abu Dhabi. After several delays, ‘M: I 7’ will hit theaters on May 27, 2022. The film also marks the return of Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby. New additions to the cast include Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Shea Whigham and Esai Morales.