NFL: Brady`s signed rookie card sold for $ 3 million

Florida: A signature of the Tom Brady rookie card printed in 2000 was sold for a record $ 3,107 million at the Lelands Mid-Spring Classic auction, two months after a similar card for $ 2.25 million was picked up. The signed card of the 43-year-old’s rookie season with the New England Patriots was rated higher than the ticket sold for 2.25 million, and the auction house calls it the ‘Most Important Football Card in the World’. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fullback Brady, who earned his fifth Super Bowl MVP honor in February after defeating Kansas City Chiefs in the championship game, is one of two fullbacks to lift the Lombardi trophy with two different teams. The seven-time Super Bowl champion is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game.

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Break records

“Tom Brady is the BOK and continues to break records, as well as off the playing field,” said Jordan Media, director of procurement at Lelands. “It’s only fitting that Brady set another record for the most expensive soccer card ever sold at a public auction.” An ‘ultra-rare’ signed rookie card for four-time NBA star LeBron James sold for $ 5.2 million in April, breaking the record for the most expensive basketball card ever sold. It also equaled the record for any sports trading card, which equates to the amount paid for a 1952 rookie card for baseball-sized Mickey Mantle.