Operation of nuclear reactor milestone in ENERGY cooperation between UNITED Arab Emirates and US: UAE ambassador to the US

Washington, DC, August 4, 2020 — Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE ambassador to the United States, said the commissioning of Block 1 at the Barakah nuclear power plant is a landmark in the history of fruitful cooperation between the UAE and the United States in the field of peaceful nuclear energy. In his statement following the recent successful commissioning of Block 1 at the Barakah plant, Al Otaiba said: “Over a decade of strategic planning, international cooperation and a commitment to clean energy will be realized with the commissioning of Block 1 at the Barakah nuclear power plant.”

EMIRATI TODAY - Emirati News, the UAE Daily News

“An important milestone on this historic path took place more than ten years ago, when the US and the UAE signed the strongest bilateral cooperation in the civil nuclear agreement in history. In cooperation with both political parties and in two administrations, the UAE has voluntarily entered into the strongest non-proliferation opportunities, refraining from domestic enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear material.” The landmark agreement between the United Arab Emirates remains a model for the development of a peaceful and secure civilian nuclear programme in the Desatonur region. It is also a strong endorsement of the UAE’s strong relationship with the US government and trading partners,” Al Otaiba added. “This opportunity is a significant achievement for Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, the Chief Executive Officer of ENEC, countless people in the UNITED Arab Emirates, and the global nuclear security community who have driven this process, including our U.S. government partners,” the ambassador concluded.