Police arrest Boston Celtics fans for throwing water bottles at Brooklyn Nets players

Boston police have arrested a basketball fan for allegedly throwing a water bottle at Brooklyn Nets players as they left court after their victory over the Celtics Sunday. The bottle landed between Nets players Kyrie Irving and Tyler Johnson, who both stopped and looked up at the yards in Boston Garden to see where it was coming from. Irving said after the game that he felt the bottle was meant for him. The incident came just moments after Irving apparently wiped his shoe at the Celtics logo in center court as he congratulated his team-mates on the 141-126 victory. “You can see that people here feel very entitled,” Irving said of the bottle. “We’re not in the theater. We do not throw tomatoes and other random things at the people who perform. ” The fan was escorted out of the arena by Boston police and arrested, a Boston Herald spokesman said. “A guest was arrested by Boston police at the end of the Boston Celtics game tonight for throwing an object,” the spokesman said. “We will support and assist Boston police as this incident is reviewed. We violate our code of conduct zero, and the guest is subject to a lifelong ban on TD Garden. ‘ There has been bad blood between Irving and Celtics fans since the player left Boston in 2019 under a cloud of controversy to join Brooklyn.

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Irving, who played in front of Boston fans for the first time since his departure this week, was overloaded with evil every time he touched the ball. His Nets teammate Kevin Durant said some fans are crossing the line. “Fans have to grow up at some point,” Durant said. ‘We are not animals; we are not in the circus … Be respectful of the game. Be respectful of man and respectful of yourself. Your mother will not be proud of you throwing water bottles at basketball players or spitting on players or throwing popcorn. ‘ This is the latest in a series of hostile acts aimed at players by NBA fans. Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook dropped popcorn on his head by a Philadelphia fan, while Hawks guard Trae Young was spit on by a fan in Madison Square Garden but was not hit. The father of Morphis Grizzlies warden Ja Morant said he was the victim of racial barriers by Salt Lake City fans.