Safe Care meets the needs for medical supplies in UAE and beyond

When and why did Safe Care establish their base in Kizad?

Safe Care was established in 2014 because we identified an opportunity to establish a dedicated medical consumables factory in the UAE. In view of the devastation caused by a pandemic like Covid’s, I believe that a well – entrenched, mature and home-grown medical consumer sector in the UAE is reducing our confidence in other foreign countries for critical goods and durable goods. At present, the UAE transports all medical goods from around the world. By setting up Safe Care, we intend to bring in more revenue for the UAE through exports. Usually the UAE exports basic plastic goods to other countries, which in turn processes them into products which the UAE then imports at a premium. As one of the world’s leading plastics exporters, the UAE has the prospect of establishing a robust plastics industry. The fact that Kizad was a port and conveniently located in the middle of Abu Dhabi and Dubai was therefore ideal for us to set up our facility.

What are the benefits that Polymers Park SMEs like Safe Care offer in setting up a successful business?

The Polymers Park is still a relatively fresh entity, but I believe that over time, more businesses entrenched in the plastics industry will start here and create a supply network that can promote the industry effectively. Kizad’s support system has improved over time and the way in which they are helping new SMEs to gain the necessary support from various government organizations is commendable.

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What are the challenges you encountered while setting up the base? How can Kizad improve its value proposition?

Initially, since Kizad was a new entity in the capital, it was difficult to gain support from other government agencies in Abu Dhabi as Kizad was the first entity of its kind in the capital. However, things have improved drastically since then and the Kizad management is much more proactive when it comes to supporting the needs of its customers. Again, the rental rates are not something that will attract the average investor, and Kizad can improve its value proposition by possibly reevaluating these rates. Kizad should also support more customers in terms of approval by government agencies. Allowing customers to own plots in the park can also help garner more interest from current and prospective customers and encourage more international companies to establish their base in this region.

What are the prospects for Safe Care at Kizad in the future?

We are currently constructing our facility with up to 50 percent of the area allocated to us and the expansion activity on the remaining land has already begun. We plan to acquire more space over time as we see great potential in the market for the medical consumables sector.