Salman Khan warns against piracy over his release `Radhe` from Eid

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is not paying attention to the screaming reviews of his new Eid film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’, but he seems excited about the scourge of piracy. ‘We offered you to watch our film’ Radhe ‘at a reasonable price of INR249 (Dh12) per view. Despite the fact that pirate sites are illegally streaming ‘Radhe’, which is a serious crime. “Cyber ​​cells are taking action against all the illegal pirate websites,” Khan warned on Twitter. He urged his followers not to take part in the illegal activities and threatened to take strict action against them as well. ‘Please do not participate in piracy, otherwise the Cyber ​​Cell will act against you as well. You have to understand that you will experience a lot of problems with the Cyber ​​cell, ”Khan added. The actor, who plays the title role in an entertainer directed by Prabhu Deva, constantly reminded everyone not to give in to piracy. In the run-up to his release of Eid, Khan issued a stern message urging his fans to watch his film through the right channels. ‘It takes the hard work of several people to make one film, and it hurts a lot when some follow the route of the piracy to watch the final product. I want a commitment from all of you that you will enjoy movies on the right platform. So this Eid we want a commitment from the audience – no piracy in entertainment, ‘Khan said in a recorded message. The message was also played before the screening of each film to create awareness. It was the first time in his career that an Eid release under his star wattage streamed on a digital platform in India while enjoying a simultaneous theater release in the UAE.

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In an interview with Gulf News prior to its release, Khan said the decision to release his film on digital platforms was taken after much deliberation. ‘Radhe’ enchants the return of the ‘masala’ genre in Bollywood, where you see a star-studded film filled with action, romance, comedy and spectacular song-dance blinding. ‘I enjoy them and fans enjoy it, and that’s why we’re making this genre of films here. But masala genre does not mean that we make a random movie without plot or screenplay. “There is a message behind my film and it is a message that is relevant at all times,” said Khan. Although his intentions were noble, the film garnered mixed reviews and the actor was portrayed for his dubious role. Gulf News gives it two stars out of five in its rating. Despite the largely negative reviews, Khan set a stream record by seeing 4.2 million views on the first day of its digital release. ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ also features Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff and Randeep Hooda. This is a typical Bollywood pot kettle where Khan plays a rebel policeman to flush out the drug in Mumbai. Hooda plays the menacing villain.