Salman Khan`s Being Human Foundation is feeding front workers in Mumbai during COVID-19

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has taken action to help frontline workers in Mumbai as the COVID-19 crisis in India continues to escalate. Khan’s Being Human Foundation has reportedly revived its ‘Being Haangryy’ initiative from last year, which uses a food truck driving through Mumbai and providing meals to police officers and frontline workers. ABP News quotes Rahul Channel, which oversees this initiative by Being Human Foundation and I Love Mumbai and Gyaneshwar Ganore, senior police inspector from Santa Cruz Police Station. ‘We were last in Mumbai to reach more and more needy, poor and hungry people. “But this time, together with the Mumbai police, we are trying to provide relief to the medical staff and BMC staff through breakfast and tea,” he said. Senior police inspector Ganore added: “Police officers struggle day and night on the streets to strictly enforce Corona’s guidelines. In such a situation we thank Salman [Khan] en Rahul [Kanal] wholeheartedly for this unique initiative to provide breakfast, tea and water to the hungry thirsty policemen. ”

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According to Kanal, the idea was a brainchild of Khan’s father Salim Khan and his mother Salma Khan. ‘The police who perform their service near Salman’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra are delivered daily by Salim and Salma Khan. Salman thought why not provide breakfast daily to all the Mumbai policemen and frontline workers. It’s just the result, ”Kanal revealed. Khan, meanwhile, is promoting the release of his film ‘Radhe’, which falls on a streaming platform in India during Eid Al Fitr and will hit theaters in the UAE cinemas on 13 May. The film was expected to expand in India, but had to be withdrawn after the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country. India has reached record highs in recent days with cases exceeding 300,000. Several Bollywood stars use their influence to help those who are desperate for hospital beds, oxygen, drugs or even transportation.