Steve Harvey is part of the venture to bring Hollywood stars to the UAE

Hollywood star Steve Harvey regularly visited the UAE and garnered praise while attending various events in the country. Now the actor and TV show host is trying to make it easier for other American celebrities to come to the region for business. OWS Capital, a UAE-based multi-investment platform, and MELT Middle East, a Harvey-based advisory and investment entity, have teamed up to create a joint venture, MELT-OWSC. MELT-OWSC will provide a platform for US celebrities by giving them the opportunity to establish their footprint in this region and launch innovative businesses, reads a statement. “When I visited the UAE in 2020, I knew immediately that I wanted to create a business that would highlight the talent, culture and many business opportunities that the Middle East has to offer,” Harvey said in a statement. “Through my very strong personal relationships in the media and business, MELT Middle East wants to bridge the gap between Western and Middle Eastern culture, while at the same time creating compelling content and activation that will once again generate a new and innovative revenue stream. “

EMIRATI TODAY - Emirati News, the UAE Daily News

MELT-OWSC said it will combine entertainment with business through events such as an upcoming charity golf tournament for the COVID-19 aid at the end of 2021, a star-studded gala dinner and charity auction with famous guests. ‘This event represents a new frontier of international understanding through fascinating business activations. I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact we can make, ”said MELT-OWSC CEO Brandon R Williams. “Oweis Zahran, founder of OWS Capital, has been working as an entrepreneur in the Middle East for almost two decades and this, combined with Steve Harvey’s wisdom and business acumen, gives MELT-OWSC an edge over its stakeholders.”