Tokyo 2020: Dubai confidence for India`s Olympic boxing team

The coaches, technical staff and senior members of the Dubai medical community gave a tremendous confidence in the Indian boxing team in Tokyo 2020 during an extremely motivating event on Saturday. An enthusiastic ‘Three Cheers India, Jai Hind’ was heard across the conference hall of the Prime Hospital in an intimate message that would undoubtedly greatly encourage, build and inspire the young athletes before the enormous challenges they face during the 23 July-8 Augustus extravaganza in Japan. As the official medical partner of the UAE Boxing Federation for the ongoing Asian Boxing Championships in Dubai, the multi-specialty hospital took the opportunity to honor the Indian boxers participating in the Asian Boxing Championships. Among them are ten women and nine men. The group used the event as an important part of their Olympic preparations with COVID-19 interrupting their exercise on several occasions. However, the Indian team’s high performance director, Santiago Nieva, thinks very well of the nine strong Olympic team, which according to him is the best and most talented group for every competition at the world’s biggest sporting event. “We know our strengths because we have won many medals in the world championships and our expectations are high,” Nieva told Gulf News. ‘We also knew that the Olympics were a very difficult competition, but we would try to win medals in the men’s and women’s competitions. That is our goal.

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‘There are no specific targets, but all my boxers have a medal. Clearly, if you are talking about the most important prospects, I think Amit, who won the gold at the World Boxing Championships last year, will do so and we expect our prize fighter Mary Com to excel as well. But there are other fighters who are equally strong, and we are very hopeful, ” adds Nieva, a former Argentine boxer, in Sweden. Nieva’s feelings have been with Kuttappa C, head boxing coach and Dronacharya award winner, for the past 15 years with the national boxing team. “We are very excited about this team, which is the biggest India tournament sent to the Games,” he said. ‘I’ve worked closely with all the boxers and know what their potential is. We will need some luck with the draw, but I am confident that they will not let India down and hopefully leave Tokyo with the biggest medal catch. “ Dr Jamil Ahmed, managing director of Prime Healthcare Group, a pioneer in promoting the benefits of health through sport, said: ‘Through our collaboration with the Asian Boxing Champions and the Government of Dubai, we want to convey the message that it is important for everyone to take care of their health individually by being fit and participating in sports. ‘It was also an opportunity to support the Indian boxing team and congratulate them on a prestigious event such as the Olympic Games. The message we also want to send to the international audience is that through demonstrations such as the Asian Boxing Championship, it is clear that Dubai is a safe place and that we are grateful to the rulers and the government, especially because we have a private healthcare facility. ” The nine-member Indian group led to the Tokyo Summer Olympics: