Top Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni gets married in Dubai

Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni proved that love is equally strong at the time of a pandemic when she got married in a Hindu temple in a low ceremony in Dubai. Prior to the usual splendor and excess of big fat Indian weddings, Kulkarni set his example when she embraced an intimate ceremony and married her beau Kunal on May 7 and decided to donate the money saved from the wedding to COVID -19 lighting in India. On her birthday on May 18, the actress took her Instagram to announce the big news. Photos reveal a beloved Kulkarni wearing a royal blue sari with minimal traditional jewelery. The radiant faces of the groom and the bride were their greatest accessory. “Given all the uncertainties due to COVID-19 and the overall pandemic situation around the world, it was important to stay safe and understand that a marriage was more important than the ceremony itself,” Kulkarni said on Instagram writing. The couple had planned a lavish wedding in London this summer, but decided to choose a pleasant relationship in Dubai due to the gloomy situation around the world due to the second wave that plagued several countries, including India.

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‘Consideration of the devastation due to COVID in India, was to celebrate outside of marriage. We thought we would save the money and use our wedding funds to help those suffering in India. After getting permission from both our parents, we decided to go to a small mandir [temple] in Dubai. “Everything was planned within two days … We had a 15-minute wedding with only four good friends as witnesses,” Kulkarni said. She also gave a big shout out to her Dubai-based friends Deepali and Rahul Tulpule, who helped sort out the formalities and paperwork. They also doubled their witnesses. She also named her foster parents Sachin and Shriya Joshi because they supported her with her decisions. During her birthday last year, Kulkarni used her social media to announce her engagement to Kunal. Kulkarni is one of the leading stars in the Marathi cinema and her credits include moving films such as the period saga ‘Hirkani’, the comedy ‘Poster Girl’, drama ‘Mitwaa’, ‘Classmates’ and ‘Kshanbar Vishranti’. She is currently judging ‘Yuva Dancing Queen’ and likes to be called Apsara (angel) – a nickname she got because of her brilliant dance skills.