UAE boy Taaha Shah Badussha shares the secret to making it in Bollywood

Bollywood actor Taaha Shah Badussha, born in Abu Dhabi and studying in Sharjah, was a steel trader in the United Arab Emirates before having the courage to pursue his acting ambitions in Mumbai. A day in his life at the time meant that his shipping company ran like a well-oiled machine. But waking up at 3am with an SOS call to deal with a faulty steel shipment with rust was not his idea of ​​an ideal job. ‘If I was passionate about it, would I have dropped everything in a heartbeat about rust in that steel shipment? And today, if you call me at 3am for a movie shoot, I’m ready for it … I’m dealing with the rejections here in Mumbai rather than doing a job I’m not passionate about, ” Shah said. said an interview about Zoom. . So in 2008, Shah Badussha (formerly known as just Shah) decided to move from the United Arab Emirates to Mumbai to perform. He knew no one in the film industry, but running his own business in this region provided him with a set of living life skills that still came to his aid today. After three years of bustling in a bustling metropolis like Mumbai and for countless auditions, Shah Badussha made his dream debut in Bollywood in 2011 with the romantic comedy ‘Luv Ka The End’, produced by subsidiary Y-Raj Films, Y-Films, which focuses on youth-centered content. “At a very young age, I got steel and cement to recruit staff, masons, carpenters and steel fixers. I had a different experience at such a young age. Being a steel business taught me about what I do not want in life and how to be so content with what you do with your life, “said Shah Badussha. The alumnus of Sharjah’s School of Choueifat and the Sharjah American International School have always been taught to dream big and never give up, even if it was going to be difficult. His days of running the steel business in the Hamriya Free Zone in Sharjah and combating daily problems that afflicted him endowed him with an iron will and grain of steel.

Road to success

‘My days in the UAE taught me courage and helped me develop a perseverance strategy to tide through the good and difficult times. To be honest, actors are rejected and disappointed daily. We are in this constant state of uncertainty, ”said Shah Badussha. ‘Did you know, I even marketed myself in Dubai and Ajman? Initially we made a profit, but the financial crisis of 2008 happened and everyone suffered losses. All of these experiences have made me a stronger person to face everything that is happening today. ‘ Since the pandemic hit the world more than a year ago, Bollywood and its players have gone through a turbulent phase. Filming was stopped, movie theaters dropped the shutters, and work on the production and execution fronts was delayed indefinitely. But this is not the time to look at things from a near-sighted lens, the actor believes. His short term in the United Arab Emirates taught him to take every day at a time. ‘In this situation, everyone is struggling in one way or another. These are desperate times … There are many out there who do not have the luxury of sitting at home and not going to work. They need that money to survive and they often have to make this painful choice to go to work, ”said Shah Badussha. The 33-year-old actor tells this episode where his heart went out to this aging couple in Mumbai who were desperately trying to sell some vegetables on the street. “Their only hope was that someone would stop and buy their vegetables. I’m just so sad to see them. Now I always carry food for them in my car … times are so hard. ‘ But being a survivor in Mumbai was a natural by-product of how the United Arab Emirates incited him to face his life challenges. He describes it as a land where dreams come true, when you are ready to work hard and put your best foot forward. “Even during the pandemic, I did not forget to spend a few hours developing myself so that you will be a better version of yourself when the crisis ends,” Shah Badussha said. He has started learning a new language Malayalam and is gaining his martial arts skills.

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Bollywood drome

Shah, who was last seen in the glamorous wedding music video ‘Aaj Saajaye’ produced by Karan Johar and also starring Alaya F, shot the video in full with strict COVID-19 protocols. In less than a week after its release, the dance-heavy entertainment video garnered more than 10 million views. “We shot like none of us had ever shot before. There were multiple swab tests, PCR tests, disinfectants, masks and at set-up distance during play. “Apart from the actors who could take off masks for obvious reasons, the others kept their masks on for several hours,” said Shah Badussha. After the recording, he was planning to return to the UAE for a long holiday, but his plans had to be canceled when Mumbai was re-locked. He was in Chennai when countries began imposing restrictions on air travel. ‘I was hoping to see my nephew and my family after a long time and spend Eid there in Dubai, but the timing just didn’t work out. I had a meeting in South India and it took longer than expected. ” Although his plans to return to the United Arab Emirates may not have been ruled out, his plans to conquer Bollywood and Hollywood are well underway. His first international project ‘Draupadi Unleashed’ was released in 2020, while also working on an untitled Indie project in the West. He has also appeared in films including ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ and three episodes of the series ‘Made In Heaven’. ‘I was able to reach this point because of the incredible support I received from my mother and my brother … When it’s going hard, I think of my mother who put so much trust in me. Sometimes she cries about the effort and amount of training I do. I exercise five hours a day. I have pain most of the day. I’m practicing physically or going to do lessons in acting, singing, dancing … My people in the United Arab Emirates are my backbone and I want this industry to know that I am the hardest working man, ” said Shah Badussha.


‘I’ll have an audition soon, but for the past three days I’ve put at least 20 hours of preparation behind the short scene. There is so much groundwork to invest. Even my sleep was measured. I know how I will spend every minute of my 24 hours a day, ”Taaha Shah Badussha.

Did you know?

Taaha Shah Badussha remembers his first cruel rejection:

“It was ten years ago before Yash Raj discovered me. I was fresh off the boat and I was young … One of the casting agents looked at me and said in Hindi at night, ‘Are you planning to become an actor? Have you seen your face lately? “During the early days of my struggle, I traveled in cars and did not want a car, and the pollution on your face was bad,” Shah Badussha said with a laugh.