UAE underlines need for a holistic approach to peace and security in the face of COVID-19

New York, August 13, 2020 — The UAE has emphasized the need for the United Nations and its member states to take a holistic approach to peace and security, as the effects of the novel coVID-19, pandemic continue to underscore the need for a strong international response. “It is already abundantly clear that the pandemic is worsening conditions that lead to and intensify both conflict and violence, from hunger to deteriorating basic services to hate speech,” the UAE said in a written statement to the UN Security Council for its open debate on pandemics and the challenges of peace-building and maintaining peace. Focusing on promoting a holistic approach to the maintenance and promotion of peace and security, the UAE stated that the United Nations and Member States should continue to empower their resident coordinators around the world to facilitate the international response to COVID-19 and to strengthen the work of the United Nations in the context of preparation and peace-building. The UAE stressed that the holistic approach is only possible through lockstep coordination among the various UN system, noting that the Resident Coordinators are best placed to facilitate the development, humanitarian, and security pillars of the UN that work hand-in-hand towards collective outcomes. The UAE said that heads of missions authorized by the Security Council should systematically liaup with resident coordinators to identify the contributions they make to pandemic recovery and long-term peace and security.

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The UAE added that the Resident Coordinators should also be at the forefront and centre of the work of the UN Peacebuilding Commission and the Fund for Peacebuilding. The UAE welcomed the trend to involve other international organisations and other stakeholders in efforts to diversify UN country teams. He stressed that different country teams lead to better coordination, mobilisation of resources and results for affected communities and individuals. Stressing the importance of gender equality, which is central to lasting peace and economic recovery, the UAE stressed the need for the international community to accelerate its efforts to integrate the sexes into peace and security. “Women and girls have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as have other crises, leading to further calls to ensure that the Security Council is always informed about the role of women in peace-building and peace processes. In this context, the UAE also stated that the Council must ensure that its mandated missions have sufficient gender resources and that the United Nations peace and security activities have gender-specific metrics linked to the assessment of personnel performance,” the UAE statement reads. In addition, the UAE encouraged the United Nations to move towards risk-informed anticipation measures, with a particular focus on conflict prevention, and pointed out that credible warnings of factors that could exacerbate or facilitate conflict should be complemented by enhanced and coordinated development, humanitarian and peace-building measures to prevent or mitigate the conflict.