Why Bollywood actress Disha Patani was intimidated by Salman Khan on the set of `Radhe`

Bollywood actress Disha Patani is wearing these gifts from this Eid Al Fitr. Her festive offering is the dazzling, star-studded spectacle ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’, which hits theaters in the UAE cinemas on 13 May. Bollywood star Salman Khan, led by ace choreographer and South Indian actor Prabhu Deva, ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’, speaks to the revival of the fading ‘masala’ genre that was big in the 80’s and 90s in the Hindi theater. . Masala movies in Bollywood are usually led by popular stars that contain bombastic content filled with drama, songs, dance, exaggerated emotions, plot twists and comedy. “‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is a complete mass entertainer where you have action, great songs, great dancing and great comedy … In a time like this it is very important to calm your mind a little. to take, go out, and just enjoy the cinemas. Just be positive, “Patani said in an interview with Gulf News. Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in India and the subsequent exclusions in most Indian cities, the manufacturers have decided to opt for a hybrid version, which means it will premiere on a streaming platform and in select cinemas across India. But in the United Arab Emirates, ‘Radhe …’ will enjoy an exclusive theatrical release of this Eid. Pre-bookings for this festive release began weeks in advance, as Khan’s box office remains unmatched; he is one of the few Bollywood stars who guarantees a good box office for the opening of the box office. For someone like Patani, who grew up on a basic diet of Bollywood masala movies with a larger lifespan, ‘Radhe’ was right in her street. ‘I was born in India and was raised by parents who took me to all the movie screenings – both old and new. I’m a Bollywood kid in the true sense of the word and really like watching those masala movies. I connect with them because they just take you to another world where you do not have to think too much … That’s what I like about them, ‘Patani said. The trailer for ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ indicates that Khan’s fans will be transported to a world where a single, titular hero can save them from all evil. In this Eid release, an educated Khan plays for Radhe, who is called upon to clean up a nasty drug syndicate in Mumbai targeting the city’s youth. Even the police officers believe that only Radhe has the power to bring a morally bankrupt drug lord (Randeep Hooda) to his knees. Critics of Khan may not always love or admire his films, but his dedicated army of fans consider him indestructible and may not have enough of Khan to exert himself to save the broken world. His hits like ‘Dabangg’, ‘Kick’ and ‘Ready’ testify to his flop-resistant existence as a hero. What was the experience of working with Khan, one of Bollywood’s most formidable stars with a dark personal past? ‘I was initially so intimidated to work with him because he is the biggest star in our country. When he comes on a set, he has this aura around him. But once we start shooting, you realize that he is one of the most comfortable, humble and most competitive actors. He helps everyone around him and he brings any scene to life, ”said Patani. She tells of a time when many approached Khan to help them on the set of ‘Radhe’, and he was glad. The two previously worked in the box office hit ‘Bharat’, partly filmed in Abu Dhabi, before their latest film outing. “He’s always ready to help everyone … What people say about him is completely true. He is there to help you, no matter what, ”Patani said. It is no secret that the actor of Khan finds the actor flawless and heroic. His antics on screen are just as vivid as his persona from the screen, which resulted in him having multiple attacks with the law. But his charisma on screen is continuous.

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In the hit song ‘Seeti Maar’ by ‘Radhe’, Khan is shown bending a waffling Patani like a dumbbell while sitting on a throne-like prop. Is it okay with her then that she is used like a gym accessory? “Salman sir is very spontaneous. He just decided on the set that we should do something else, and that was his idea. So yes, that was probably his idea, ”Patani said, adding that hours and hours of intense rehearsals did answer the choreography of the hit number. ‘I have never done such a style … There is South [Indian] style with hip-hop. The musicality was different. I struggled with this song, but thanks to Prabhu sir [Director Deva], he really supported me and said that I can take on as many tasks as I want. “It was quite intimidating to dance in front of Prabhu sir – and even Salman sir, who is full of swag,” said Patani. Although many movie fans may find Khan’s flamboyant dance moves reductive to female actors, Patani does not think about it, a trait she likes most in masala films. She had just been picked up by Khan’s star wattage and was delighted to be part of a project backed by big names, including Jackie Shroff and Hooda. “Even if Mr. Salman just stands still in a song, it still looks good because he’s simply fascinating to watch everything he does,” Patani shouts. Under no circumstances does Patani appear as a feminist icon in this ten-minute interview. She is just delighted that a film like ‘Radhe’ is going to spread cheers amid a worldwide pandemic. ” A mass entertainer like this is important to everyone because it pushes you to have fun, enjoy, sit back and relax at a time like this. With so much happening around us, this movie will bring our families together … I’m so glad and thankful that after a year we have a release during Eid … I do not think we have had a release since COVID in the past year not -19 hits, ”Patani said. The actress believes that this pandemic was the biggest reality test in her life. “This pandemic has taught us that it’s not just about one person. It’s about all of us! We are in this together. “Sometimes you may feel that just one person is helping like a drop in the ocean, but when everyone starts helping each other, then the drops become an ocean … Every effort counts and this is my biggest take away from this year,” Patani said. said. Patani, who was not born out of an acting dynasty but that she has been worked up so far, also learned to be grateful to live. She describes herself as an eternal student of life. Although she made her debut in 2005, she is still a beginner, Patani believes. “I still feel like a struggler. I still feel like this is my first movie! “The more work you do in the cinema, the more you want to do … I just want to learn and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of a film like ‘Radhe’,” she said. “I just enjoy the ride and learn to go with the flow.”

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